What Sizes are Available?

Just cut and snap in place!

Forget about custom fabricated heavy steel covers. OrangeShield's light weight, snap-on design gives you the convenience of easy installation and cleaner motors with improved performance.

OrangeShield motors covers maximize the heat transfer efficiency of the cooling fins resulting in more heat being drawn off the motor. Thousands of our covers have been installed in paper and pulp mills, fertilizer plants, coal mines and other industrial environments.

140% increase in airflow through cooling fins. Independent studies for IEEE proved the use of Motor covers produces a 140% increase in surface airflow through the cooling fins. This results in lower drive-end bearing temperatures and lower internal winding temperatures.

OrangeShield covers make maintenance easier by keeping debris off your motors. You will spend less time cleaning motors and your motors will require less maintenance. Unlike heavy steel covers, our covers are lightweight so one person can handle them. The snap-on design makes installing and removing the covers a breeze.

Key Features

  • Increases airflow in cooling fins by 140%
  • Lowers Drive-end bearing temperatures.
  • Lowers internal winding temperatures.
  • Keeps motors clean for easier maintenance
  • Lightweight snap-on design for simple installation and no back injuries.
  • Standard stock sizes for all NEMA frames
  • Will not rust or corrode
  • Independent test for IEEE proved the benefits of covers are real.
  • Used for over 10-years in paper mills, coal mines, quarries, pulp mills and chemical plants worldwide.

OrangeShield Stock List

Frame Size
NEMA Frame
Cover Dimensions,
48 71M / 80M 6.0" x 8.9/11" long, 2 lbs
143, 145 90S,L / 100S, L 7 .0" x 10.2/13" long, 2 lbs
182, 184 112S, M 9.0" x 12.1/15" long, 3 lbs
213, 215 112L / 132S, M 11.0" x 16.8/21" long, 4 lbs
254, 256 132L / 160S, M 12.5" x 21.5/26" long, 6 lbs
284, 286 160L / 180S, M 14.0" x 24.0/28" long, 7 lbs
324, 326 200S, M, L 16.2" x 29.0/35" long, 9 lbs
364, 365 225S, M, L 18.0" x 27.4/33" long, 11 lbs
404, 405 250S, M, L 20.0" x 30.9/37" long, 14 lbs
444, 445 280S, M 22.0" x 48/”52" long, 17 lbs
447, 449 280 K, H 26.0" x 48.0/56" long, 31 lbs
504, 505 315 S, M 25.0" x 39.5/47" long, 22 lbs
586, 587 355 S, M 29.0" x 46.0/53" long, 28 lbs
5009-5012 --- 30.0" x 70.5/81" long, 32 lbs

How to Order:

Specify NEMA frame size, Motor Manufacturer (if known) Quantity and Color when ordering. OPTIONAL: include equipment id and/or location description. This information will be marked on the inside of covers prior to shipment for easy on site identification.


OSHA Safety Orange


FOB Canton, Ohio. Covers 48-505 shipped via UPS ground, 5009-5011 shipped via Common Carrier. All shipping as prepay and add unless otherwise specified.


Net 30 days with approved credit. A 1.5% LATE CHARGE plus and 18% APR FINANCE CHARGE will be assessed on outstanding balances.


Company Check, MasterCard, Visa, American Express


Canadian dollar rates are subject to change with changes in the exchange rate. Prices in Canadian dollars will be confirmed at time of order or quote. CDN prices are exclusive of all GST, PST, HST, broker fees, etc.