Black Liquor (Pulp Mill) Wood Chips (Saw Mill) Potash (Fertilizer Plant) Paper Stock (Paper Mill)

About Our Covers (F.A.Q.)

Why Do Motors Fail?

If any of your motors look like those above then you should stop reading and call us now! Clogged Cooling fins are a primary reason for early motor failure. Not only do clogged cooling fins block airflow but the material that blocks the fins also acts as an insulating blanket. The result is a spike in drive end bearing temperatures and increased winding temperatures. These higher temperatures shorten the motor life and require you to spend more money maintaining and servicing the motor. Click here to view IEEE and TAPPI reports on the effects of cooling fin blockage.

Why Do OrangeShield Motor Covers Work?

OrangeShield covers solve the problem by eliminating the cause of the problem. OrangeShield cover snap over the motor frame to provide a protective shield above the cooling fins. Paper Stock, Coal Slurry, Phosphate, Cement and other contaminants land on the cover and not on the motor. The result is clean unobstructed cooling fin passages. Air moves freely through the cooling fins to push heat off the motor.

Do OrangeShield Covers Really Increase Surface Airflow 140%?

Independent tests for an IEEE report proved the benefit of motor covers in reducing internal motor temperatures. Testing proved the covers actually help to direct airflow across the surface of the motor push heat off more efficiently. The IEEE Report showed a 140% increase in airflow across the surface of the motor when OrangeShield covers were installed. Internal motor temperatures dropped by an average of 23 deg. F. with OrangeShield.

Who Is Using OrangeShield?

Every major Pulp & Paper Company. Every Major Coal Producer - for both underground and in preparation plants. Every Major phosphate and Fertilizer Producer. Gold Mines. Major Quarries, Cement Plants, Steel and Aluminum manufacturers all use OrangeShield. The largest supply chain management companies all sell OrangeShield covers to their clients. For a more detailed listing click on the Customer Link above.

How Easy are they to install?

OrangeShield is designed with the Maintenance Man in mind. Each cover is lightweight and easy to install. Simply cut a slot in the side of the cover for the conduit box and then snap the cover over the motor. Click here for an installation illustration. It really is that simple! And ordering is easy too. There are no complicated part numbers to remember. Our part number is the same as the NEMA Frame number shown on the motor nameplate.

Do they fit any Manufacturer's motors?

Yes. OrangeShield fits all Baldor, Dodge, Reliance, WEG, Toshiba, GE, US Motors and any other manufacturer that makes NEMA frame Motors. Simply provide us with the NEMA frame and manufacturer name. There is usually no need to know the horsepower or rpm.

What about IEC Frames?

In addition to fitting any NEMA frame motor, OrangeShield covers also easily snap over IEC frames. Our size chart on the resources page shows both NEMA and IEC frame sizes.

What if my motor is not a TEFC Frame?

Worthington produces covers for Large Motors, Open Drip Proof Motors (ODP), DC Motors, Mill Motors and more. Our fabrication shop has the resources and capability to design a custom motor cover or complete enclosure to satisfy your requirements.

Where Do I Buy OrangeShield Covers?

You can purchase direct from Worthington by calling TOLL FREE (800) 899-2977 or by emailing us at pmeeks @ We also sell through distributors. If your local power transmission distributor does not already carry OrangeShield, ask him to call us and we will set him up to distribute our covers.